Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Guess Who's Back

2016 has been a busy year so far, and it appears that my blog has come to a standstill because of this. I know that I go through phases of posting fairly regularly, stopping for a while, and then following up a few months later with a 'been a while' type of post, and I guess this is just another one to add to my collection.

Here's a very brief summary of my life since I last posted:

  • I completed and passed the second year of my degree (yay).
  • I went on holiday to America - which was amazing and I have about a gazillion (no really) photos, which I will share some of and some point.
  • I turned 21 - where I had the cutest tea party (which will be the focus of another post I'm sure).

I can't wait to get writing again and basically use this blog to document my beauty chats and fun days out.

Here's hoping to regular posting - rhymes like this will not be a frequent occurrence.

 - I

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