Friday, 29 January 2016

January Favourites | 2016


In typical blogger style I'm going to ramble on about things I've been liking over the past month. I haven't written a favourites post in ages (I don't think) but 2016 is a fresh start so maybe I'll be writing one every month from now on...we'll see.

Things for my face:

1. L'Oréal True Match Foundation - a recent purchase to break away from my usual bases and a great decision. Build-able coverage with a dewy finish - perfect for day and night.

2. Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer - who doesn't love this? I've loved this product for a while but I thought I'd give it a little shout out for brightening my under eyes around the stressful time of deadlines and exams.

3. L'Oréal False Lash Sculpt Mascara - saw this was a new release recently and made an impulse purchase based on the face that L'Oréal mascaras are yet to let me down, and this does not disappoint. This product has a really unique wand that gives long, voluminous lashes. The product does clump a little when new but once it dries out a little it works a treat.

Things to fill my time: 

4. Vampire Diaries - needed a new series to binge watch on Netflix since I finished Making a Murderer. I've been enjoying watching vampires cause havoc more than I probably should but I have no shame!

5. Actually going to the gym. Yes, I know. I'm as shocked as you are. If you didn't already know, one of my New Year's Resolutions was to use my gym membership, and whilst it took a couple of weeks, I finally got round to it. I don't have a set schedule or routine yet but I actually find myself wanting to go and get a work out in, which means I am sticking to a resolution - even if it is mostly for procrastination purposes!

6. Finishing all deadlines for the semester. Self-explanatory: I'm free!! ...for a few days before my new timetable starts but I will revel in my lack of responsibilities for the weekend, I'm sure.

What have you been loving this month?

Talk soon,
Imogen. xo

P.S. I hope you noticed (and like) my new theme I've got going on

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Very Berry


This is the makeup post I promised in my New Year's Resolutions post but it's been over two weeks since then.. I blame second year uni issuing enough work to provide a nice layer of insulation for my arctic uni house, whilst simultaneously crushing my hopes and dreams as it does so. Despite my work load, I felt the need to upload this makeup look whilst it's still seasonal - it also acts as a great procrastination method...

This look is my take on berry eyes and berry lips. I can't remember all the products I used but the eyeshadow is MAC's cranberry and the lipstick is Topshop's Called Up. This look would be perfect for a night out in the colder months, or a slightly toned down version could be great for everyday.

** You could tone it down by keeping the eyeshadow to a light wash, or by using a tinted lip balm or gloss instead of having such a bold lip.

The photo quality isn't great because I took these on my phone, but I just wasn't happy with any that I took on my camera!

Thanks for reading!

Talk sooner than last time,
Imogen, xo

Saturday, 2 January 2016

New Years Ramblings and Resolutions


So it's the start of the New Year and the time where people make their New Years Resolutions. I don't usually make resolutions and when I do, I never stick to them. I think for me, resolutions have to be achievable. I couldn't say I'll cut out carbs or go to the gym everyday, because I know I wouldn't do it. I'd just be setting myself up to fail. However, more realistic goals would give me more motivation because I know I could achieve them.

This is why for 2016 I have decided to set resolutions, not to change myself exactly, but more so to make improvements, I suppose. They all link together, which make them easier for me too - I don't want to challenge myself too much, it's all about the baby steps.

1. Don't waste as much food. I spend too much money on food that I end up throwing away, and the food I end up eating is usually unhealthy so, in turn, this will help me to eat more healthily too - win win!

2. Use my gym membership. As I said earlier, saying that I'll go to the gym everyday is unrealistic for me, but to make sure that I go two, or maybe three, times a week (fingers crossed!) will make use of the money I spent on the gym membership and make me physically fitter also.

3. Learn to budget and stick to it. All my resolutions are somehow linked to money, and as a student this can be expected but this is something I am really keen on doing. Last year I was very unorganised and this caught up with me, so budgeting is a very sensible move for me!

So they're my resolutions, I guess I've subconsciously done the classic, 'eat better', 'go to the gym', and 'save money' spiel, but worded in a more practical way. Now let's hope I stick to them..

What are your resolutions this year?

I hope you liked this chatty style post, I'm planning on uploading a makeup post soon and will try to stay motivated with regular posting, which will be hard as January is a very busy month at uni..but I shouldn't be making excuses already!

Talk soon,
Imogen. xo